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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selma AYAZ


Selma AYAZ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selma AYAZ

TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (MRC), TURKIYE

Director of Environment and Cleaner Production Institute

She graduated from Fırat University Chemical Engineering in 1987. She completed her master's degree in 1992 and her doctorate in 1997 at Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Sciences and Management. She started her career as a Researcher at TÜBİTAK MRC, worked as a Senior Research Scientist. During her work at TÜBİTAK MRC, she served as the Deputy Director of the Environment and Cleaner Production Institute between March 2014 - May 2017, and as the Director of the Institute between May 2017 and February 2022. She is currently working as TÜBİTAK MRC President's advisor. Throughout her career, she served as Project Managers, Laboratory-Accreditation (17025) responsible, MAM Board Member (2020-2021), Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO) Environmental Commissioner (2012---), KSO Şahabettin Bilgisu Environmental Awards Jury Member. She is currently a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Union of Marmara Municipalities for Mucilage (2021-continues). Having expertise in integrated watersheds management, water and wastewater treatment, artificial wetlands, ISO 17025 accreditation, AYAZ has 36 articles (31 of which were published in SCI, SCI Expanded), 46 international papers, 16 national papers, 84 project reports and book chapters authorship. She Worked as project managers and researchers in 50 projects, including professional reports in Turkish, 10 reports in foreign languages. She has a patent on the biological treatment of domestic wastewater in the treatment garden (constructed wetland). She has become one of the leading researchers in our country, especially by establishing field-scale facilities in the wastewater treatment of artificial wetlands. She worked as a visiting researcher at Florida State University (US) in 2001 and Newcastle University (UK) in 2002 with a World Bank Scholarship. She also worked as doctoral thesis advisors at Istanbul Technical University, and master's thesis advisors at Gebze Technical and Sakarya University. She gave a postgraduate (PhD) course on Integrated Watershed Management at the Department of Environmental Engineering at Gebze Technical University. She was awarded the best researcher award by TÜBİTAK MRC in 2014. She has also received appreciation, encouragement, service and success awards on various dates. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selma AYAZ is married and has two children

Development of Methodologies and Case Studies on the Assessment and  İmprovement of the Water Quality of the Turkish’ River Basins